Case Study

CAARMO is a proactive and predictive maintenance app for car owners and small business fleets. With this product, CAARMO has built a service that aligns the interests of the best automotive Service Centers in the United States with that of 296 Million vehicle owners.


The problem which CAARMO wanted to solve was to build a trustworthy relationship among fleet owners and service centers. The aim is to empower them to have a better and more informed dialogue about the repair and maintenance process.

From a business perspective, Quovantis and CAARMO needed to deliver a platform which can track the health of a vehicle in real-time.

UX process we followed

CAARMO was designed keeping our end users in mind i.e. service centers, household customers, and fleet owners. We wanted to give them the help they needed when they were stressed about the health of their car. Together with CAARMO team, we have built an IoT fleet management ecosystem which provides instant support for problems and a customized automotive repair experience. The interface is intuitive so that users know what to do next and when.

Visual design approach

The visual design approach that we followed ensures that users get instant information about the condition of the vehicle. Visual design was focused around the strategic display of tons of data in a format which promotes easy readability. The dashboard design helps in quick identification of notifications and reminders that are important.

Technology stack

We developed a solution to transfer real-time data from the vehicle and present it to user’s mobile device. The CAARMO app works with an OBD-II (On Board Diagnostics) compliant device connected to the user's vehicle. Quovantis development team used Java, Spring, RabbitMQ and Hibernate to fetch data from the cloud. This data provides real-time vehicle diagnostics, driver behavior and location for one or more vehicles belonging to the user.
Mechanics can also be provided access to the car’s diagnostic data so that they can offer expert advice and a higher level of service to the user.

Iterative development with scrum

The team at Quovantis quickly iterated towards software and hardware integration solutions. Using an MVP approach, Quovantis designed, developed, and implemented the dashboard application and mobile app solution in a relatively small time frame so that the product could be taken in front of the users. The Quality team devoted commendable efforts in testing the app data in real-time, collecting data while driving.

Final outcome

Following lean, user-centered approach to product development, Quovantis delivered CAARMO mobile and web application in the required timeframe, enabling CAARMO to successfully launch this platform as per their business plan.

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