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  • ZipSlip
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    ZippSlip enables schools and parents to fully process paper forms online, from any smartphone, tablet, or computer. All results are tracked and displayed by our cloud based app that is 100% HIPAA and FERPA compliant. There's no training, and virtually no I.T. support required. But, because everyone signs up to avoid paper forms, you can leverage your first truly two way, fully secure channel for media rich interactions with parents and the community.

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  • mobileStorm
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    mobileStorm is a SaaS based product for multi-channel communications. Businesses use mobileStorm to build a database of customers and gives them the ability to reach people on smart phones via email, text-message, push notification, secure messages to mobile apps and sites, as well as voice and fax broadcast.

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  • Mytonomy
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    Begin exploring your tomorrow, today.

    Mytonomy is a near-peer social network designed to bring alumni advice to high school students while supporting the overburdened high school counselor. We help young people from age 14–25, make better decisions about big life choices: how to go to college and pay for it, where to apply, what to study, and how to link all of that to an eventual career.

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